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My priorities for Neptune Beach

After accomplishing numerous successful initiatives during my first term, I am confident we can continue our work to make more long-term positive impacts on our community.  With a dedicated city manager and staff, Neptune Beach is well positioned to continue the momentum of improving our quality of life whilst protecting and preserving our unique charm.

Smart Development

Every project considered should always answer the question, “How does this make Neptune Beach better?”

I will continue to safeguard against development that is intrusive and insensitive to our neighborhoods and quality of life. Whether it’s commercial or residential development, I am in favor of smart development that is thoughtful and considerate to the community and to the desires of my constituents.

I own property and am building a new home here in Neptune Beach, and I want nothing more than to do everything in my power to make us a more beautiful, vibrant community.

Keeping Taxes Low

As your City Councilor, it is my goal to review every decision that comes before Neptune Beach and ensure that you get the most value for your tax dollars.  The unvarnished truth is that Neptune Beach will soon be losing funding from the Better Jacksonville Plan. This will create a significant burden on our resources. 

My career experience and first term as councilor has given me valuable insight into doing more with less. I will always be on the lookout for ways to increase efficiencies and effectiveness, as we search for more creative financing solutions.

blue icon of police

Community Safety

Neptune Beach Police Chief Rick Pike has shown great leadership of our Public Safety Department.  I am so proud of our police force.  The recent events of violence highlights the importance of our police staying connected with citizens and receiving the necessary funds to keep us and them safe.

Chief Pike and his wife, Kathy Pike, founded the “No Empty Stockings” Christmas program, which raises funds for families experiencing unforeseen hardships and ensure their children have gifts at Christmas. It is this family-friendly approach to policing that I support and encourage. You can read more about it and donate at their GoFundMe page.


It’s no secret that our infrastructure is under tremendous stress from many directions, including the aging of our city’s utilities, more frequent major storm events, and increased development. With the help of state and local agencies, we have made significant progress, but the work is far from finished.


  • Significant improvements to water main and sewer lines at Indian Woods, Forest Avenue, and Bay Street.
  • Replacement of Florida Boulevard bridge and culvert
  • New lighted pedestrian crossing at Kings and Florida Boulevard
  • Kings Road causeway and bridge
  • Improvements to the drainage at Penman
In Progress:
  • Complete overhaul of our water and sewer treatment facilities
  • Engineering for major stormwater upgrades with initial focus east of 3rd Street
  • Atlantic Boulevard and 3rd Street intersection upgrades
  • Additional lighted pedestrian crossing at Bay and 3rd Street

These long-term projects are massive, complex, and expensive. We need to continue to work with our county, state, and federal representatives to secure grants and funding, as we have in the last four years.  These critical projects must continue to be our top priority.


General Election: November 8, 2022

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